Which one are you??
Which one are you??


Over the past few weekends I have come across a number of different coaching styles from games i have being lucky enough to see. These games ranged from grassroots to elite level with my own sides games falling somewhere in between. This is probably an old enough debate but what brought it to light again for me this weekend was my 11 year old son. A stereotypical young lad for the time we live in today. Not really much interest in sport or soccer and big into technology, games, art and music. It often seems like there are two different world we live in as mine is all based around the beautiful game, coaching and developing young players minds and self confidence. 

However traveling home from a game at the weekend to which my son traveled to take photos for me came a real penny drop moment and one I won't forget for a while. We all as coaches wheather we like to admit it or not have an image of ourselves. An image of how we like to be seen by fellow coaches, parents, and our players. This image may have being determined by a role model, a premiership manager who we like or even the way we have being educated on our coach education programmes. All those aspects thrown in along with your own personality and you have you, the coach, with your own style. 

Anyway we had being in the car for a few minutes chatting about varoius things which eventually brought us on to the game we had just watched. My Son turns around and asks the question.

 "Dad why was that coach shouting and roaring at his players??" "Do they not know what to do after their training sessions during the week??" 

This coming from an 11 Year old boy who has taken zero interest in football to date really stuck me to my seat in the car. For him to recognise that this was not the way he seen coaches behave was extraordinary. 

This leads me into the question. 

What coach are you?? Are you a coach that kicks every ball, moves players around the pitch with countless shouts of move here, move there, drop off, push up?? 

Are you a coach that tells each individual player what pass to play when they receive it or are you a coach that has all your preparation done during the week? Are you a coach that trusts your players to make the right decisions during the game??

Yes we all get involved in the game and often are shouting instructions or words of encouragement. However most coaches I have seen over the past number of weeks should apply for a job on sky Sports as a commentator. 

Regardless if you are the commentator coach or the notepad coach I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts. I know which one I am and through my sons eyes during the weekend this reinforced my coaching model even more. 


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