After weeks of negotiations and speculation Real FA Swans Chairman Ray Geoghegan and Secretary Simon Mooney expressed utter delight when they broke the news that's they had got their man to lead the under 10/11 Swans next Season. We at the INSIDE VIEW got to finally catch up with the new gaffer this eve to grab a quick word before his first official session in charge. 


Q. Steve welcome to Real FA Swans and thanks for joining us in our latest edition of the inside view. You have just being appointed head coach of our u10/11 girls for the coming Season. How are you feeling about that?

A. Thanks very much. Very excited about what's to come and very glad to be assisting in the excellent work that has been done to date. Have really enjoyed the coaching sessions with the girls over the last number of weeks and I'm delighted with the progress made to date. Girls football is alive and well in Mullingar


Q. Can you tell us how this appointment came about?

A. I spent many years playing on teams with Ray and I was aware of the Swans and how well the u16 girls had been doing. I have spent the last number of years coaching with Mullingar Athletic which has been great. This year my 9 year old daughter showed huge interest in football and wanted to start playing with the Swans. After meeting up with Ray again and seeing the work he had done it was an easy decision to get involved


Q. Having now being involved for the past number of weeks and as you say progress has being good. Did you ever think that an all girls club could be such a success in your local area?

A. To see an all girls club thriving in Mullingar is absolutely brilliant. I was pleasantly surprised by the standard and the professional attitude that the girls have. The u16 squad have set the bar and they have been brilliant mentors for the  younger girls. This progression will be vital for the club to go from strength to stregth.


Q. Lastly from us, what can both the players and parents expect in the coming season with Real FA Swans u10/11 under yourself, and are you still on the hunt for new players?

A. We are always on the hunt for new players and we are all about promoting the girls game in Mullingar. Soccer has given me many brilliant moments during my playing days and seeing the smiles on the girls faces during our training sessions makes it all very exciting for the season ahead. Developing the skills that the girls clearly have and training in a fun environment will be my main goal for the season ahead


Brilliant thank you very much for your time an we hope that our latest edition of the inside view will be one of our most viewed. #believe


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